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Question A: When Prehistoric period starts?

Answer: Prehistoric period starts before the emergence of writing.

Question B: In which period man learned writing?

Answer: Man learned writing only about 5000-8000 years ago during the Neolithic period.

Question C: Name the two earliest known Neolithic writings?

Answer: Dispilio Tablet that was found in Greece, Tartaria tablets were found in Romania.

Question D: Dispilio Tablet and Tartaria tablets belong to which millennium BC?

Answer: Dispilio Tablet and Tartaria tablets belong to 6th millennium BC.

Question E: When Prehistory began and how many years ago?

Answer: About five years ago, with the appearance of human beings Prehistory began and ended with

The discovery of writing about 6-8 thousand years ago.

Question F: How many classes of the prehistoric period?

Answer: There are three classes of the prehistoric period -Stone, Bronze, and iron ages.

Question G: Into how many periods Stone Age is divided?

Answer: Stone Age is divided into three periods Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.

Question H: Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Period represent to which stage?

Answer: Palaeolithic Period represents the hunting-gathering stage.

Question I: Neolithic Period represents to which stage?

Answer: Neolithic Period represents the stage of Food Production. It also represents plant cultivation and animal husbandry.

Question J: Which archaeologist defined the term Palaeolithic period?

Answer: Palaeolithic Period was defined by archaeologist John Lubbock in 1865.

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